Raised Beds: Advantages, sizing and material

No doubt about it, raised beds can offer great advantages and I am personally a fan of them! In this E-book we will discuss those advantages along with sizing and materials needed.

However, where there’s a positive there’s also some negatives … we will also discuss why you might not want to do a raised bed or incorporate a little of both raised beds and in-ground gardens into your space.

5 Steps to Follow When Creating Your Organic Backyard Garden

Maybe you tried a garden years ago and want to get back into it, maybe yours was an epic fail or maybe you are beginning for the first time. Whatever it might be, take a minute to plan your space.

These days we don’t daydream enough … let’s daydream about what your space will look like, what will you grow? And how will this garden, most importantly, fill your afternoons with happiness.

GP Soils loves contributing to the amazing efforts on local farms and community gardens.