Linda Vader uses GP Soils in her latest container project.

Watch as Linda plants these beautiful topiary azaleas. She loves that our product is locally made and all natural!

Linda is a self-taught garden designer, blogger, and lifestyle influencer who also writes and produces garden media for TV, magazines, Instagram, and YouTube. She’s lived and gardened at her 1935 English Tudor home in Oklahoma City for the past thirty years. Her garden has been featured in numerous national and local magazines and has been toured more times than she can count.

We love this soil!

We have used it for years! One time we were in a hurry and grabbed something from another store and it was such a disappointment, especially in comparison. Never again! We will only use this soil from now on! And the owners always put 110% into it!
Heather C.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

I know is truly organic.

When I think about choosing a soil to grow food or flowers, why on earth would I ever use anything created with pesticides or potentially harmful additives? Something about ‘commercial’ soil gives me hives; even those labeled ‘organic’.

Local soil crafted by locals just feels right. I was always adding things to any soil I purchased (earthworm castings, etc), but with GP soils, I know I’m getting rich soil with all the goodness necessary for either new seedlings/transplants or established plants.

In other words, I’m not planting things with handfuls of soil from this bag and handfuls of nutrients from that bag. It’s an all-in-one, well-thought-out formula that I know is truly organic and guaranteed to make my garden grow happy and healthy! 

Mea G.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

It looks so rich!

“Thank you so much!!! It looks so rich!! I am so excited to start growing in it. We planted our first veggies last night!
Thank you for all your help.” 


Tulsa, Oklahoma

GP Soils loves contributing to the amazing efforts on local farms and community gardens.